Year 2 (2020-2021)

Major Activities

Research collaboration; Research training at all levels; Establishing partnerships with ongoing local data science and machine learning organizations and activities, both academic and in industry.

Significant Results

  • Machine Learning in Medicine Symposium planning is underway but will need to move to a virtual format.
  • REU for mathematics of data science is being run (virtually) now. Click here for details.

Key Outcomes or Other Achievements

  • Tripods NSF REU/Grad for All 2020: The goal of Grad For All is to empower and further inspire all interested students from colleges and universities in Western New York area to pursue advanced degrees in all fields. We are especially looking to involve traditionally under-represented groups, including women and underrepresented minorities. Our goal is to provide these students with the information, skills and training needed to succeed in graduate school, academic careers, and industry. Click here for details.

Selected Publications

  • Chang, J., Chen, S., Tang, C., and Wu, T. (2020). High-dimensional empirical likelihood inference. Biometrika, accepted..
  • Ren, J., Ramirez, G., Proctor, A., Wu, T., Benoit, D., and Choe, R. (2020). Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging for Longitudinal Monitoring of Vascularization during Mouse Femoral Graft Healing. Biomedical Optics Express, accepted.