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Journal of Data Science in Science

We are excited to announce that our PI David Matteson is founder and Editor in Chief of the new Journal Journal of Data Science in Science. Many of our member are involves as Associate Editors.
The journal aims to foster dedicated collaborations and convergence between the broadly defined fields of Science and Data Science through: (i) deep domain, (ii) broader inter-domain, and (iii) trans-domain collaborative research.


The GDSC works and collaborates closely with a variety of institutes across different domains. Some of our partners are listed below:

Cornell University

University of Rochester

  • The Center of Excellence in Data Science is committed to applying data science methods and tools to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.
  • The Goergen Institute for Data Science (GIDS) is Rochester’s interdisciplinary data science hub.
  • The Center for Learning in the Digital Age (LiDA) aims to further and enrich the use of digital technologies to improve outcomes for all learners in both traditional and non-traditional “educational” settings.
  • The David T. Kearns Center for Leadership and Diversity at the University of Rochester strives to expand the educational pipeline through the doctoral degree for low-income, first-generation college, and underrepresented minority students.